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Francesca Ceron - Elena Schipani invite you to taste this menu to his home

Buffet Menu

A tasting of local cheeses with mustard and preserve dips.
Local cold cuts with focaccia flatbread and herbs.
Vitello tonnato (veal with creamy tuna sauce).
Melon and prosciutto ham.
Mimosa asparagus (if in season).
Sun-dried tomatoes and mixed salad.
Chicory mousse with fresh tomatoes and basil sauce.
Ricotta cheese quenelle with chives.
Tricolor chicken salad.
Mixed omelet slices.
Dessert: Fruit salad, panna cotta, bavaresi fruit sponge cake.
Coffee and grappa.


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Elena and Francesca met in 2013 studying for a Masters degree in the Culture of Food and Wine at the Cà Foscari University. Although with different backgrounds, they share a passion for cooking and together created the project Reborn, which organizes gastronomic events aimed at internationalizing the Veneto regional culture and the excellence of its food products.
€ 25.00 per person

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