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Alberto Berto invite you to taste this menu to his home

Vegan menu

Appetizer: Marinated tempeh with potatoes and olives and green parsley sauce.
Tofu sticks basted with herbs, maize and licorice with olive and ginger sauce.
First course: Quinoa cupoletta pie with dried tomatoes and sweet peppers.
Second course: Red cabbage lasagna with seitan ragout.
Roast soy and oats stuffed with seasonal vegetables.
Dessert: Raw avocado, banana and chocolate flan.
Coffee and digestive liquors.


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Alberto sempre grande chef, devo purtroppo sottolineare i piatti un po' freddi ma comprensibile visto il numero di persone da gestire in due..Anche il locale un po' freddo per le temperature esterne. Bravo in ogni caso!!

30121 Venezia
Our home is in a sixteenth century building that was originally built as a convent but then became the residence of a famous family of Venetian merchants. The building originally had a “water door” that allowed visitors to access our portico directly from the canal. Our names are Annalisa and Giorgio and we live in Cannaregio, the largest and liveliest quarter in Venice. It will be our pleasure to have you visit and taste dishes created by our friend, the chef Alberto.
€ 60.00 per person

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