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Laura Monaco invite you to taste this menu to his home

Meat menu with lasagna

Appetizer: Eggplant rolls with ricotta cheese and prosciutto cotto ham, borlotti beans, local olives, home preserved tomatoes in oil, homemade short crust flan with seasonal vegetables.
First course: Traditional lasagna with ragout sauce and crepe pasta, ‘white’ lasagna with porcini mushrooms.
Second course: Boned chicken breasts with homegrown spices; potato, carrot and spinach purée.
Side dishes: Mixed salad with pumpkin seeds, kiwi and hazelnuts.
Dessert: Homemade tiramisù with coffee
Wines: White and red Castelli Romani wines from the Castel De Paolis vineyard and other local vineyards.
Shuttle service to and from the nearest rail station or bus stop.


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Città Metropolitana di Roma,Lazio
My name’s Laura. I live in a villa with a large garden in the town of Grottaferrata, just a few kilometers outside Rome. We enjoy a panoramic view across the city as far as the sea and the Cimini mountains, besides wonderful ocean sunsets. I’ve always nurtured a passion for cooking and pay particular attention to the quality of my produce, buying from local producers and farmers and following the zero-kilometer philosophy.
€ 40.00 per person

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