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Luigi e Paola Merz invite you to taste this menu to his home


Appetizer: A spread of local specialities, sheep’s cheese, cured pork sausage, hand-cut prosciutto ham.
First course: Pumpkin risotto “in the pumpkin”, or maltagliati pasta flavored with garden vegetables.
Second course: Pork chine with orange, or rabbit alla cacciatora.
Side dishes: Zucchini marinated in Casale dei Pozzi herbs, baked potatoes with Casale dei Pozzi herbs, fresh salad.
Dessert: Pears with panna cotta
Details: Includes coffee and wines from our farm.
We offer you a small gift from our farm at the end of our evenings


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We live in Piazza Navona, Rome’s most beautiful baroque piazza, in the heart of the heart of the city. Our apartment overlooks masterpieces by Bernini and Borromini. The church of Saint Agnes in Agony and the Fountain of Rivers are the backdrop to our social occasions. We own an organic farm and love the food and dishes from our countryside, which is why we’ve chosen a menu of Lazio regional specialities, drawing on the traditions of our own grandmother - an extraordinary cook in her own right – to allow you to rediscover the flavors of food cooked in traditional iron, copper and terracotta kitchenware.
€ 170.00 per person

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