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Maria Teresa invite you to taste this menu to his home


Large cold buffet with hot first courses
Appetizer: Prosecco sparkling wine and long drink on the terrace.
First course: Penne all’arrabbiata and French beans with pesto.
Cold Buffet: Eggplant and provola cheese patties, spinach with pine nuts and raisin patties, all’arabbiata spiced patties (with minced meat, ‘nduja and olives), Trevigiane patties (luganega salami and chicory), sea bass patties flavored with lime, tuna patties with heart of red prawn, chicken patties, avocadoes and lime, finger food omelet with rocket and mushrooms, finger food omelet with zucchini and spring onions, traditional bruschetta, tomato bruschetta, liver croutons.
Dessert: Frosted fruit sticks.


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I live just around the corner from the Pantheon. The décor in my home alternates between black and white, classical features mingling with modern. It reflects my character as someone who lives in harmony with apparent opposites. And then there’s my terrace, which gives me a chance to admire a forgotten world, one of steeples and towers, terrace gardens and tiled roofs. I love meeting and getting to know new people. I do it every day at work. Now I want to do the same over dinner in my home. I adore my country’s cuisine and I love cooking for others. Food is culture. It’s a story, a challenge and a balancing act, all the same time. I want to share it with people who know how to be curious, who have decided to be special. I love opening my home to such people.
€ 45.00 per person

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