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Anna Capasso invite you to taste this menu to his home

Meat menu with saffron risotto

Crodino or spritz aperitif with appetizers
Rigatoni amatriciana or mezzemaniche with gricia or saffron risotto
Veal meatloaf and chicken stuffed with mozzarella and ham or fillet of
pork in a crust
Side dishes: Homemade mashed potatoes or seasonal vegetables in a pan
Chocolate mousse

Includes white or red wine


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Città Metropolitana di Roma,Lazio
Via Pio VIII, 38, 00165 Roma, Italia
Our penthouse apartment is located at one end of the Vatican walls in a private gated block. You can view the dome of Saint Peter’s from our balcony and dine on our terrace in the summer. You will be greeted by fine cuisine and great hospitality.
€ 50.00 per person

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