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Elvira Grilli invite you to taste this menu to his home

seafood menu

Anchovy pie with endive,
soute of clams or mussels,
noodles with a sauce with sole and imperial shrimp,
baked turbot with potatoes or shrimp with peppers.
Side Dishes: Artichokes Roman, chicory.
Desserts Seasonal fruit with ice lemon candied orange chocolate


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Serata e compagnia molto piacevole, molto carina l'idea di associare la cena ai tarocchi.


La cucina saporita, leggera e con gusti sapientemente dosati di Elvira ha molto ben accompagnato l'interessante confronto sui tarocchi condotto da Anna Maria in modo efficace e semplice. Semplice grazie alla sua simpatica eleganza, efficace nonostante l'enigmatica difficoltà del tema: noi stessi

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 113 00185 Roma
I live in the multiethnic neighborhood of Rome, the Esquiline , located on the famous Colle Oppio. At the time of ancient Rome, it was the site of the most beautiful patrician villas, Horti. I am documentary filmmaker, I have traveled the world and love the traditions of peoples, traditions that are expressed in the way of cooking, the ingredients, the hospitality. That's why I have chosen to live in the center of a multiethnic site in Rome. The Piazza Vittorio 'market looks like the Mares in Paris, for the products that you can find, products from all over the world. The wonder of walking through the market stalls, looking at unfamiliar products, listening differ languages is a magical experience.
€ 65.00 per person

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