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Katia Zlotchevskaya invite you to taste this menu to his home

KGB dinner

Russian salad made with chicken or turkey meat
Cod liver salad
Herring under fur - marinated herring covered with various vegetables
Korean carrot salad - particular dish, spiced with rare spices
Eggplant Caviar
The crab cake
Armenian tomatoes - tomato dish stuffed with 3 types of cheese and spices

First course
Pelmeni - dish of Siberian origin: ravioli stuffed with 3 types of meat accompanied with sour cream sauce
Borch - soup with thick meat broth with beetroot

Second course
Plov-dish of Uzbek origin: rice with lamb or chicken with vegetables and spices
Goulash - meat with sauce and spices

KGB - Katia Gastronom Buffet

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Città Metropolitana di Milano,Lombardia
APT12 is a loft that represented an icon in the Milanese scene of the 2000s. Inspired by a similar project realized in New York, Tony Gherardelli turns it into a multliformat landmark that welcomes photographic services, University lectures and brunch in the secular garden, but above all thematic parties with hundreds of people from different backgrounds coming together with underground music. In the last few years APT12 converted to the Katia Zlotchevskaya KGB gastronomic project that alternates the kitchens of the former Soviet empire in a mix of millenary flavors and cultures.
€ 50.00 per person

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