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Fulvia Maison invite you to taste this menu to his home


Hi! My name is Fulvia, I'm a F.I.S. (Italian Foundation of Sommelier) qualified sommelier!
I'm also a great passionate in cooking then I would like to propose to you a latial wine tasting in combination with three traditional roman recipes:
Those three recipes have in common an essential ingredient "il Guanciale" without which they wouldn't have meant!!
We will enjoy in preparing those roman plates that then we will eat all together!

About wines, the real stars, they will be the red and white one from Castelli Romani, any of them has a story that I will tell you, departing from the territory, arriving to the grape variety and characteristics of the vine, curiosities and anecdotes.

We will finish our cooking-tasting class with a fragrant home made apricot tart.
With the traditional "Bicchiere della Staffa" we will end the dinner and why not by singing a roman "stornello" ?


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Andare in cucina, scegliere nella collezione il grembiulino da indossare, iniziare a mescolare cibo e passione!

Tornare da Fulvia è stato un grande piacere. Cortesia, ospitalità e qualita dei vini e dei cibi sempre ad alti livelli. Cibo squisito con capperi di Salina e pesce. Una fantastica cena eoliana. Grazie Fulvia


Questa sera Fulvia, hai proposto uno dei tuoi menù più riusciti!Involtini gustosi,spaghettoni al tonno rosso buonissimi.E le seppie ripiene?ottime!Tutto accompagnato da vini veramente incredibili!Ultimi, ma non ultimi i dolci eoliani fatti in casa..deliziosi.Grazie di questa splendida serata.

Città Metropolitana di Roma,Lazio
Roma, Italia
"A Casa di Fulvia" is a pretty house with an indipendent entrance in the neighborhood of Montesacro Talenti in the North East Side of Rome. You will be welcomed in a pleasant garden that in summer becomes my favourite location for dinners!! The living room and the kitchen are on the lower level where in winter the flame of a fireplace makes us company and a firewood oven allows me to cook pizza, roast and lasagna! Two important things you have to know: - the house is accessed by staircases: if you eventually have handicap it will be a problem - wIth me lives also my timid cat Wilson that rarely shows up with my guests
€ 60.00 per person

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