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Marialuisa Griffo invite you to taste this menu to his home

Multi-ethnic Calabria - cooking class

Calabria: multi-ethnic land with a sweet and sour taste.
My country has always been a place of encounter and confrontation between very ancient cultures. Each of these gave us, and still continues to give us, something special. My intent is to find out those special things, starting from what makes everyone happier: the good cuisine.

In this Cooking Class we will prepare together the "maccheroni al ferretto", which in my area are called "Fileja". We will see together how each cities has its own name and seasoning, based on the tradition and geographical position. We will also taste some of the main Calabrian dishes divided by territory.

The Magna Graecia of the Ionian Crotone Coast
- Dried tomatoes in oil with anchovy, black olives, fresh oregano and cheese

The Maghreb of the lower Vibonese and Reggino Tyrrhenian
- "Malangiana Vrascioli" (fried eggplant balls)
- Vegetable couscous

The Calabria of Tradition
- "Fileja" with tomato sauce and Tropea onion and/or "Nduja" (Spreadable salami based on pork and chili pepper, typical product)
- Fig jam pie

Finally we will honor the fantastic Arbereshe people (from the high lonian coast) and the Sibaritide people enjoying a fragrant Mate.

We will match the Calabrian wine with the meal with my personal wine expert who will choose at the moment, among the proposals of our cellar.

I look forward to meeting you in my kitchen!

Marialuisa Griffo

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cuoca giramondo

Marialuisa è un'ottima padrona di casa ed un'eccellente cuoca. Siamo stati accolti nel suo giardino come amici di vecchia data. Prodotti tradizionali presentati in veste contemporanea. E per finire la serata...sfida all'ultimo sangue a calcio balilla. Esperienza da ripetere assolutamente


Ottima cucina, ottimo ambiente, ospitalità....perfetta!!!

Provincia di Vibo Valentia,Calabria
Villa with a garden and a porch where to spend pleasant summer evenings.
€ 80.00 per person

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