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Patric Bravo invite you to taste this menu to his home


Welcome appetizer:
Oysters with strawberries and lemon
Tuna Pannacotta with tomato and martini dry jelly
all accompained with Torbato di Alghero tenuta Sella & Mosca.

Tuna with mirto breading accompained with ricotta cheese, caramel tropea onion and smoked salt
Trellis thread with sesame and soiabeans, orange, in balsamic vinegar.
all drinking a wonderful Karmis from Contini di Tarros winery

First plates:
Linguina of Gragnano with squins and marinated crunchy spinac on mussles cream.
drinking Is Argiolas form Serdiana winery.

Second course:
Seabass Rollè in almond crust and with capers and fennel

Trilogy of creamy sweets ...
Semifreddo al gateau with strawberry sauce and amaretti biscuits
Pistacchio and chocolate pannacotta with berries
Torrone, bitter chocolate and cadied orange.
drinking Oirad di Ferruccio Deiana of Serdiana winery



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