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Andrea Arquati invite you to taste this menu to his home

Pasta Accademy

Learn to make pasta in different sizes and with different colors
Eat the pasta prepared with three different sauces
In the end a homemade cake and limoncello

+ White and red wine and various appetizers


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Le fettuccine che uniscono il mondo

A perfect way to spend an afternoon in Rome. We had the most incredible pasta lesson -- learning how to make hand-rolled and cut pasta as well as pasta run through a machine -- but we also learned about the history of pasta, spending the afternoon eating & talking about everything! Amazing! Grazie!

Città Metropolitana di Roma,Lazio
Enjoy a historic journey through the “people’s” world of Rome’s Testaccio quarter, with an exceptional guide: Milvia, a food specialist and historian of Roman cuisine whose tour will enrich both your palate and your knowledge. Her “wide-angle” terrace is a temple within “the temple of Roman cuisine”. For fans of the history of the Eternal City her tour will walk you through the mysteries of the Aventine Hill, the port of ancient Rome and Testaccio’s early twentieth century architecture
Città Metropolitana di Roma,Lazio
the hand-made pasta: 4 hours from 11,00 am or from 18.00
€ 60.00 per person

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