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Marta Macini invite you to taste this menu to his home

Meat menu

Crouton with oil and black cabbage . rolls of bacon and plums
Polenta with wild boar
Arista alla fiorentina with potatoes
homemade almond biscuits with Vin Santo
Coffee at Moka
Water and wine of the house chianti classico

Vegetables of the company Biodynamics of Poggio Camporbiano
The wild boar of the Company Bezzina of Simignano
Vin Santo of Biological Bellaria Pievescola company

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We had a wonderful day, with a walk in the countryside around Villa Cetinale & an absolutely deliciously authentic tuscan meal served up in a magical & charming atmosphere, in front of real fires and beautiful surroundings - Jackie. "Era tutto delizioso,10/10, la faraona una meraviglia" -Francesco

Provincia di Siena,Toscana
Strada di Cetinale, Sovicille, SI, Italia
Through forests of oak and chestnut trees of the Siena countryside and the magic of its red earth; walking to meet Villa Cetinale, you'll stop to eat at my home the Barn of Cetinale! Here you will find the heat of two fireplaces and typical Tuscan cuisine, like that of the Grandmothers on Sunday ... a simple and genuine cuisine but with quality products of the farmer and the butcher in the country! ... And around a table and the fireplace, we eat, talk, know each other
€ 40.00 per person

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