Methods of payment

The payment of a Gnammo event takes place exclusively online: in this way it will be tracked, safe and refundable.
You can pay for a Gnammo event with a PayPal account or any credit card, even a prepaid one.
At each step you can receive assistance from our team.

How Cooks get their money

Gnammo always collects payments in the name of the Cook.
Within 24 hours of the end of the event (the following Monday for weekend events), the system will send the Cook an e-mail with all the counts and will make a transfer or credit to his/her PayPal account or credit card, withholding a commission of 12% for social eating events and 20% for special dinner events.
If we already have the Cook's payment informations, we will make the transfer or credit to the PayPal or IBAN account, otherwise it will be done as soon as we have them in response to the e-mail.
To speed up the billing operations, we ask Cooks to fill out their profile with the payments informations in the Update Profile - Payments and Billing section.

Service fee

Gnammo takes from the payment to the Cook a fee of 12% of the total for social eating events and 20% for special dinner events.
The commission includes the costs of the service, the payment and the management of the tax documentation.