Events management and bookings (for Cooks)

Do I have to meet special requirements to publish a Gnammo event?

Gnammo does not require you to be a professional chef, or to have any particular skills or qualifications.
On Gnammo all the people who want to get involved find their space, each with their own skills and experiences.

How much should I charge for my event or menu?

The price you choose to charge depends on you, the time it takes to organize the event and the type of menu.
We advise you not to exceed €20-22 for your event in order to have a greater chance of success.

How can I change an event I published?

You can only change your event if it has not yet received its first booking.
To do that, go to Your events secion and click on EVENT MODIFICATION.

How can I change a menu?

If your menu has not been associated with any event, you can entirely change it by accessing the Your menus section ; on the other hand, if it has already been associated with one or more events, it will not be possible to change it.
In the second case you can contact us: we will make the desired changes for you.

How can I delete an event or a menu after the publication?

If you want to delete your event or menu, you can visit the Your events section or Your menus and click on CANCEL EVENT.

Can I decide who to accept to come into my house?

Of course! You can check the profile of the Gnammers who request to participate and decide whether or not to approve their bookings before accepting them at home.
If you want to have a little chat with them before deciding, use the Gnammo chat!

Can I invite a non-paying guest to my event?

Of course you can! Send an e-mail to writeingthe name of your guest and the name of your event .
It's important to do that to let other Gnammers know the other event participants and your non-paying guest to leave his/her feedback.

What does "booking created but not payed"?

Booking created but not payed yet means that a booking process stopped before the payment.
In that case we suggest you to use the Gnammo chat to remind the Gnammer to pay the booking to come to your event.

What does "on request menu" mean?

An on request menu is an event the Gnammers can make data proposals for.

If I pre-approve a booking request for my on request menu what happens?

For an on request menu, if you pre-approve a booking request, it will be validated as soon as the Gnammer will pay (you will receive an e-mail as he does it).

Can I create a private event?

Sure! Click on PUBLISH , fill in the required field writing "PRIVATE EVENT" in the title. As we verify it, we will send you the link of your private event that you can share with the ones you want.

How can I promote my event so that it reaches the minimum number of Gnammers I require?

You can promote your event:
- sharing it on the social media by clicking on the buttons you can find on your event page;
- creating an event on Facebook, inserting the link to your Gnammo event page and inviting all your friends.
If you have any doubts about how to do it, write to us and we will help you step by step!

My event didn't reach the minimum number of guests but I still would like to realize it. How can I do?

No problem: you can go to Your events page , click on CHANGE REQUIRED SEATS and modify the minimum number of guests within 24 hours before the start time of your event.