Insurance cover

When Gnammo enables the insurance

The insurance is automatically activated at the first Gnammo event that takes place.
The insurance coverage is guaranteed by Reale Mutua through Axieme, Gnammo's insurance partner.

What the insurance covers

The insurance covers the damages that could occur during a Gnammo event: they can be caused inadvertently by the Cook in the context of events in private homes, including those to the apartment or house.

What the insurance doesn't cover

The insurance covers damages that a Gnammer may suffer due to a Cook, providing that they are actually attributable to the latter. Accidental damages that could be realized against the Gnammers and its objects for their own carelessness are therefore not covered.
On the Cooks' part, it is their care to be attentive to the quality of the food they serve. It is also the Gnammers responsibility to communicate in advance and pay attention, for example, to their allergies.

What is Axieme

Axieme is a social insurance platform: it's the first service in Italy that allows groups and communities with the same needs to insure.
Axieme activates a cashback mechanism for the insured individuals at the end of the insurance period if no claims have occurred. In this way Axieme rewards the virtuous insured.

Reale Mutua

Reale Mutua proves its innovative spirit, establishing itself as one of the most advanced insurance companies in the digital market, expanding its services to customers of the sharing economy.
It demonstrates a clear strategy to explore collaborations with insurtech start-up, combining their creativity with the stability of the most important Italian insurance company.

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