How To

What is Gnammo

Gnammo is the first social eating Italian platform: it offers everyone the possibility to organize lunches, dinners and culinary events at home or in any private location.
Those are private events and there is no need to be a professional cook or have any special requirements or permits to organize it.
The leading figures of social eating for Gnammo are two:
the Cook , who opens his/her home and kitchen for new friends;
the Gnammers , curious people who book their seats and introduce themselves to the Cook's house to live a new experience.
With Gnammo amateur cooks can test their cooking skills and earn extra incomes ; the Gnammers can meet new friends and try a special experience .

How Gnammo works for Cooks

To create a Gnammo event the Cook clicks on PUBLISH at the top right and fills in the required fields, setting the minimum and maximum number of Gnammer which he/she will cook for and the price of the menu.
The event is reviewed within 24 hours by the Gnammo team, which sends to the Cook an e-mail notification upon publication.
From that moment on the event is available for booking by the Gnammers in the Eat section .

When the Cook receives bookings from the Gnammer, he/she can decide whether to approve them or not.

If the event reaches the minimum number of guests and takes place, the Cook receives his/her payment on the first working day following the event for the sum of all the collected bookings, from which Gnammo retains a 12% commission fee.

How Gnammo works for Gnammers

Gnammers search for events in their city in the Eat section , decide to book their seat for an event by clicking on BOOK NOW and pay via PayPal or credit card, including prepaid cards.
From that moment on the Cook can approve or refuse their booking by managing them individually.
If the Cook accepts the booking, the Gnammer will receive an e-mail notification with all the logistic informations to attend the event.
If the Gnammer's request is rejected, or the event does not take place due to the failure to reach the minimum number of guests requested by the Cook, the Gnammer receives a full refund of the paid sum.