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Intense flavors and warmth of the home in winter

Eat and talk, get to know traditional Italian food and drink, experience a special moment, understand how dishes are born and their history.

The raw materials of the dishes are only seasonal, organic and carefully selected.

The pasta is homemade by Luca, the recipes are those handed down from mothers and grandmothers and the historical tradition.

As per tradition of the Sunday lunch of the Italians, we will place the dishes on the table and then serve each one.

Real convivial moments from the Latin convivium 'banquet', from which it derives: 'living together'. At your arrival, we will welcome you with a Milanese Aperitivo.

Luca will explain the bases of Italian condiments and we will taste different olive oils.

We will then sit at the table to have the Primo, three tastings of pasta homemade by Luca.
We will then move on to the Secondo (main dish), Guancia al vino rosso and its Contorno.
Luca will explain the origin of each dish, and why this or this ingredient is normally used here and there.
Of course, there will be a dessert.
Wine, Water, Espresso and digestive are all included.

A 3-hour experience. 4 course lunch/dinner. Half a bottle of wine per person, water, digestive and coffee. If you want more wine... we have many bottles at home! In a 1930s Milanese villa with veranda and garden. The house is in art deco style with many modernism objects. A house where you will be treated as a guest, curious food traveler and not as client.
If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to call us. We can adapt our proposition to your needs, we can organize transportation.


Winter is the ideal season to enjoy our home restaurant, to appreciate the intense flavors and warmth. And in that impalpable veil. Close the door and watch the icy world from within, from home, and it looks even more beautiful. Warm and fragrant with steaming dishes and freshly baked desserts.

We will start with a presentation of the best olive oils, prosciutto and homemade delicacies.
Following this, Luca offers a tasting of homemade pasta: Tagliatelle with white meat sauce, Spaghetti with Neapolitan meat sauce and Penne with Bolognese meat sauce.
As a second course, we propose the Guancia al Vino Rosso (Veal in red wine) accompanied by Potato puree and fresh salad. For dessert, there will be the Apple and Walnut Pie and Fruit of the season followed by a Coffee and if you can, Digestive.

Luca B.

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La mia fonte d'ispirazione: gli almanacchi gastronomici di Giulio Piccini, nome d'arte Jarro.

Luca:uno chef di prim'ordine!Piatti deliziosi,preparati con scelta esperta e sapiente delle materie prime.Serata piacevolissima.Sensazione di cenare in ristorante di alto livello che per una sera apre le porte solo agli amici.Accoglienza di Luca e Marielle:deliziosa,elegante e informale al contempo


Una location veramente carina per trascorrere una serata divertente e tipica italiana. Ottimo sia l'accoglienza sia il cibo e con bella presentazione! Si esce sazi, molto sazi! Tornerò con piacere